Silver Lining Systems (SLS) is a cloud technology & software development house and a Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider. Our focus is to deliver best-in-class Enterprise and Government grade cloud technology and cloud services. Our flagship product, Apollo OS, is a cloud management and commercialization platform utilized by Service Providers and in our SLS Cloud IaaS

SLS Apollo OS

SLS developed Cloud Management and Commercialization Software for use by Cloud Service Providers (CSP) and organisations looking to simplify cloud provisioning, account management and customer billing



Customisation of SLS products (Apollo, architecture and SLX) for customer requirements.  Global Exchange for CSP’s to share and cross-sell IaaS infrastructure with automated provisioning, account management and billing

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Cloud Architecture and design

SLS designed cloud architecture for use by IaaS providers and organisations looking to run cost efficient and high performance private cloud infrastructure