SLS IaaS - At a Glance

SLS is the owner and operator in Malaysia of our own Cloud IaaS focused towards Enterprise & Government grade requirements. International IaaS Regions are provided by SLS CSP’s who subscribe to the SLX service.

SLS IaaS is a high performance, Enterprise and Government grade Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform which enables users to build and manage scalable infrastructures (local and remote) on demand at low cost with real time billing and monitoring. SLS IaaS environments are built on the philosophy that high-performance, robust and secure infrastructure is not the exclusive domain of expensive hardware or complex branded software but rather, an intelligent approach to the architectural design and software application. SLS IaaS also addresses business and operations concerns by providing hierarchical multi-level accounts, billing, showback and chargeback with associated Role-Based-Access-Control.

Designed with both Premium and Standard offerings, SLS IaaS provides organizations the flexibility to optimize their IaaS spend. SLS IaaS Premium is built to meet the extreme Enterprise Application requirements with certified hardware and software to support platforms such as SAP and Oracle, whereas SLS IaaS Standard provides cost effective, high performance environments for all other applications.

SLS IaaS Cloud is designed to be compliant with ISO 27001, PCI DSS and HIPAA. Our unique Enterprise Private Network architecture allows companies in regulated and sensitive industries to fully emulate their current physical security, control and auditability of their existing IT environment in our cloud.