Key Features

  • Complete self-service provisioning
    Full automation enables users access to provision servers in minutes rather than hours or days, manage VMs in multiple sites, security zones, create and configure load balancers, deploy public IPs and set security group policies.
  • Enterprise Workflow
    Designed from the ground up to simplify management for Enterprise IT managers.
  • Enterprise Architecture Support
    The majority of the SLS IaaS sites support hybrid Premium & Standard environments enabling the most cost-effective deployment of IaaS for Enterprises.
  • Hierarchical Accounts
    Supporting Role-Based-Access-Control (RBAC) and unlimited tiers of Account hierarchy for security and financial control.
  • Full RESTful API access
    for advanced application integration.
  • Chargeback / showback capability
    Usage details at every level of account and sub-accounts. Aggregated billing with rollup.
  • Multiple Account Types
    Standard, Enterprise and Reseller
  • Reseller features
    White labeling of the entire product supporting markup and discounts to sub-accounts. Fully automated margin management.