Key Features

  • Complete Self-Service Provisioning
    End users have complete control of their environmental resources, security and account management via a streamlined Enterprise workflow without the need to involve the service provider.
  • Hierarchical Account Management
    Role-Based-Access-Control (RBAC) and unlimited tiers of Account hierarchy facilitate the highest level of control for security and financial management enabling organizations to align their cloud infrastructure with their organizational structure.
  • Chargeback / Showback Capability
    Real time usage details at every level of account and sub-account. Resellers and enterprises have the ability to mark up costs to their sub accounts. Apollo OS provides full billing and cost reports.
  • Enterprise and Legacy Architecture support
    Flexibility to support multiple hypervisor environments such as KVM, HyperV and VMware. Self service support for physical connections to legacy systems.
  • High Security
    Apollo OS implements 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), randomized passwords, ssh keys and automated SSL certificate generation.
  • Custom Networking
    Full support for IPSEC VPN, load balancing, virtual routers/VPC and Enterprise Private subnets and the ability for IaaS customers to bring their own connectivity for regulatory compliance.